WTC 3.2.10 Narrative
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Section 3.2  Governance and Administration


The institution evaluates the effectiveness of its administrators.

Partial Compliance


The Board of Trustees of Western Texas College is charged with evaluating the President of the college annually as outlined in Board Policy 8300, I, A, 2, w, (LINK) and Board Policy 2100. (LINK)  The instrument (LINK) used in evaluation of the president is included in Board Policy 2100 as an attachment.

Evaluations of Administrative Staff are also conducted “no less than every two years” in compliance with Administrative Policy 4118. (LINK)  The president of the college performs the evaluations of the Dean of Instruction, Dean of Student Services, Dean of Information Technology Services, Chief Financial Officer, Dean of Innovation and Development, and Dean of College Advancement.  

The Dean of Instruction evaluates the Associate Dean of Academic Instruction, Associate Dean of Workforce Education, Associate Dean of Distance Learning, and the Associate Dean of Student Services. 

The Associate Deans evaluate the Department Heads. Administrative staff are evaluated in four areas:  (1) ability to carry out assigned duties, (2) service to the college, (3) service to the community, and (4) professional expertise.  Evaluations are maintained in each individual’s personnel file located in the office of the Administrative Assistant to the President.  Because of confidentiality requirements, copies of evaluations may be viewed in that location.

Evidence of Support:

Administrative Policy 4118
Board Policy 8300, I, A, 2, w
Board Policy 2100

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