WTC 3.2.1 Narrative
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Section 3.2 Governance and Administration


The governing board of the institution is responsible for the selection and the periodic evaluation of the chief executive officer.
Partial Compliance


The Texas Education Code, Section 51.352 (d, 3) (LINK) establishes the authority of the Board of Trustees of Western Texas College “to appoint the College President, evaluate the President, and assist the President in the achievement of performance goals.”  Additionally, the Board of Trustees is given the responsibility for appointing the college President in accordance with Board Policy 2110 (LINK) and Board Policy 8300, A, 2, c (LINK) of the Institutional Policy Manual.  The Board uses a prescribed evaluation form, a copy of which is appended to Board Policy 2110.  (LINK)  Board minutes from June 13, 2005 and June 12, 2006, (LINK to Board of Trustees board minutes) demonstrate that executive sessions were called by the board of trustees for the purpose of the president’s evaluation and personnel.  Due to confidentially, copies of the president’s and administrative staff evaluations are located in individual personnel folders maintained by the administrative assistant in the president’s office.

Evidence of Support:

Board Minutes
Board Policy 2110
Board Policy 8300
Texas Educational Code 51.352(d, 3)

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