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Section 3:  Resources


The institution takes responsible steps to provide a healthy, safe, and secure environment for all members of the campus community.

Partial Compliance


Western Texas College (WTC) is committed to providing a healthy, safe and secure environment for all members of the college community.    The College promotes the health of its faculty and staff by funding annual wellness testing and flu shots.    The College also supplies generous vacation, holiday, sick and compassionate leave plans in order to promote the well-being of their full-time employees and prevent the loss of pay during times of ill health, personal loss or rest and relaxation.  

Western Texas College strives to be a drug and alcohol free environment for its students, faculty and staff.   Policies regarding the abuse of controlled substances and alcohol  are in place for both employees and students (link, Student Handbook, pg 21-22, and Employee Handbook, pg 4 and/or WTC Policy).   Students and employees are expected and required to obey all local, state, and federal laws regarding controlled substances.   Should an employee or student need assistance with drug or alcohol abuse or addiction problems, the WTC Counseling Center will confidentially offer referrals to obtain professional services.

In September 2005, Western Texas College upgraded its security department to a Campus Police Department to better maintain a safe and secure campus environment.   The WTC Police Department employs two full-time, licensed policemen, and two trained, part-time security officers.   The campus grounds are monitored day and night, seven days per week when students are present in the housing facilities.    The Campus Police Chief is in charge of compiling, updating and distributing the Emergency Plans and Procedures handbook. (link, Emergency Plans and Procedures)

Evidence of Support:

FY2004 AFR
FY2005 AFR
WTC Employee Handbook
WTC Student Handbook
Emergency Plans and Procedures



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