WTC 2.9 Narrative
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Section 2: SACS Core Requirement


The institution, through ownership or formal arrangements or agreements, provides and supports student and faculty access and user privileges to adequate library collections and services as well as to other learning/ information resources consistent with the degrees offered. Collections, resources, and services are sufficient to support all its educational, research, and public service programs. (Learning Resources and Services)

Partial Compliance


Western Texas College offers a library on campus that ensures appropriate curriculum support with access to adequate library collections and to other learning/information resources.  The WTC library provides traditional print and non-print resources.  The library’s collection is developed in concert with academically acceptable review sources, including Library Journal, listings in Chronicle of Higher Education and Wall Street Journal, along with instructor participation, patron requests, annual user surveys, course descriptions, WTC institutional policy 5416 and ACRL Guidelines and Standards.   The in-house collection totals over 30,000 materials, which includes books, audiotapes, CDs, videotapes, and digital cameras.   An agreement is in effect between the Western Texas College library and Scurry County Library, located in downtown Snyder, that gives students access to the county library collection, which consists of books, videotapes, DVDs, audiotapes, and other materials, that numbers 70,000+ materials.

The TexShare program which provides the TexShare Library Card Program, electronic database resources, the Library of Texas, and an Interlibrary Loan program balances the collection.  TexShare enables Texas community colleges to offer a broader range of materials and services than any single library can provide for its constituents.   The TexShare Library Card Program allows students, faculty, and staff of Western Texas College to borrow materials from all other participating TexShare libraries, subject to individual library policies and procedures, and requires Western Texas College library to reciprocate by allowing other TexShare participants to borrow from our collection.  The TexShare electronic databases allow students to access a number of online research sources, which provides students with materials for completion of assignments.   The Library of Texas and the Interlibrary Loan program are other supporting resources for the students.

During the fall and spring semesters, the library is open 6 days (63 hours) per week.  The library follows the institution’s summer schedule with a four-day week, 9 ½ hours a day. 

The library offers computer access to students with a computer lab near the circulation area and some computer access in the Reading/Media Room.  The library catalog, the TexShare databases and other on-line resources are available on-site and with access user names and passwords to distance learning and off-campus patrons.  Course instructors, library staff, and the Assistant Director of Distance Learning provide these user names and passwords to off-campus patrons.  Assistance in use of these and other library services is provided by telephone, e-mail, fax, and/or in person.  The library offers three dedicated terminals for the library’s online catalog.

The currency, quality, and relevance of the library’s on-site collection is supported with input from the faculty and students summarized from various surveys on the Western Texas College Library Surveys Results document.  Materials not in the WTC library’s collection are accessed principally through the regional Big Country Library System and through the statewide TexShare consortium.  All interlibrary loan requests are processed gratis through the Big Country Library System located in Abilene, one of 10 state-supported regional library systems.  Other academic and/or public library on-site borrowing opportunities throughout the state are made possible gratis through the TexShare borrower’s card program.   WTC library relies upon Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) TexShare Advisory Board to monitor and develop the TexShare program and likewise relies upon seven TSLAC TexShare Working groups, which advise on the policies and operations of each TexShare program.  The TexShare working groups are responsible for providing input from member libraries on TexShare programs, and advising on the policies and operations of each program.  The working groups are composed of librarians from academic and public libraries and are chosen to represent the various constituent groups within TexShare, as well as geographic diversity.  The library committee meets annually to advise the Director of Library Services.  The committee reviews and evaluates library services and offers suggestions that would improve the support the library provides to the college’s mission of educating students.  The committee is comprised of the Director of Library Services and several members of the faculty and administrative staff.

Evidence of Support:

WTC institutional policy 5416 
ACRL Guidelines and Standards
Scurry County Library Agreement
TexShare program
TexShare Library Card Program
TexShare electronic databases
Library of Texas
Interlibrary Loan program
WTC Library Online Catalog
Western Texas College Library Surveys Results
Big Country Library System
Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) TexShare Advisory Board
TexShare Working groups
WTC Library Committee Minutes

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