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Section 2: SACS Core Requirement


The institution provides for all course work required for at least one degree program at each level at which it awards degrees. If the institution does not provide instruction for all such course work and (1) makes arrangements for some instruction to be provided by other accredited institutions or entities through contracts or consortia, or (2) uses some alternative approach to meeting this requirement, the alternative approach must be approved by the Commission on Colleges. In all cases, the institution demonstrates that it controls all aspects of its educational program. (Coursework for Degrees) (See Commission policy "Core Requirement 2.7.4: Documenting an Alternate Approach.")

  Partial Compliance


Western Texas College provides instruction for the course work required for all the degree programs for which it awards degrees. The Western College Catalog 2006-2007 lists the courses required for each degree program offered by the College. Contractual and consortial agreements for instruction comply with current guidelines of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and are approved through the established procedures required by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) rules.  Furthermore, the College adheres to the policies of the Texas Association of School Boards in establishing contractual agreements with agencies other than colleges or community colleges.  Consortial agreements are described in detail in the review of Comprehensive Standard 3.4.7.

WTC ensures the quality of educational programs/courses offered through consortial relationships or contractual agreements by adhering to principles of good practice such as those listed in the THECB Guide for Incorporating The Princples of good Practice into Electronically-Based Courses as well as the Commission on College’s Best Practices for Electronically Offered Degree and Certificate Programs

Instruction provided by other accredited institutions or entities through memoranda of understanding, contracts, and consortia agreements includes the Virtual College of Texas, Tech Prep, and the Advanced Technical Credit Program.  These entities are described below.

Virtual College of Texas

WTC is a participating member of the Virtual College of Texas (VCT). VCT is a consortium of accredited public Texas community and technical colleges. The Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC) is the governing authority for VCT.

WTC has agreed to the VCT Memorandum of Understanding and the Host and Summary of Provider Practices and Responsibilities, and the College adheres to the Virtual College of Texas Operations Manual.

As a VCT member, WTC ensures that qualified faculty teach and supervise courses, that students are provided with a course syllabus, and that instructors provide support comparable to support available to the College’s own distance learning and campus students. As is described in the review of Comprehensive Standard 3.4.7, the College, through oversight by the Curriculum Committee and the Transcript, Curriculum, and Credentials Review Committee evaluates and oversees VCT courses provided by other colleges. In all cases where contractual arrangements are made with other entities, the College maintains control of approved WTC degree programs.

Tech Prep

Tech Prep is a federally-funded program established to help meet the needs of students and employers in the workplace, and it is funded by the Carl D. Perkins Act of 1998.
TECH PREP West Central Texas (LINK to brochure) is a consortium of school districts and community colleges whose intent is to build partnerships between secondary, postsecondary, industry, economic development, parents, students and community-based organizations. Through the TECH PREP program, Western Texas College provides the following courses:  Business Technology, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Golf Course and Landscape Technology, and Welding.  WTC can provide instruction and award articulated credit to approximately 27 independent school districts.

Advanced Technical Credit Program

WTC is a participating member of the Advanced Technical Credit Program to provide statewide articulation for high school and post-secondary workforce education courses. 

A set of common statewide standards for the awarding of college credit for selected high school courses has been established and approved by the THECB and Texas Education Agency. Students who successfully complete state wide articulated secondary courses and meet the requirements are eligible to receive a maximum of 15 semester credit hours of articulated credit for corresponding college courses offered by WTC.  The College maintains control of approved degree programs. The review of Comprehensive Standard 3.4.4 provides additional detailed information.

Evidence of Support:

Administrative Policy 2198
THECB Principles of Good Practice
Virtual College of Texas (VCT) MOU
Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC)
Tech Prep of West Central Texas Brochure
Virtual College of Texas Operations Manual
Tech Prep
Advanced Technical Credit Program
Comprehensive Standard 3.4.4
Comprehensive Standard 3.4.7

SACS Best Practices


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