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Section 2: SACS Core Requirement


The institution provides student support programs, services, and activities consistent with its mission that promote student learning and enhance the development of its students. (Student Support Services)

Partial Compliance



Western Texas College provides support for its students through the Student Services Division, comprised of student activities, counseling, registration, housing, admissions, the Service Center, the Testing Center, the Student Support Services TRiO program, and the police department.  In addition to the services of this division, the College provides programs in golf, basketball, baseball, cross-country racing, rodeo, volleyball, and softball that are overseen by the Athletic Director, who reports directly to the College President. 

Goal 6 of the College mission statement charges its employees with providing “student services which provide educational support, student activities, and athletics in a safe environment.”  This mission goal is accomplished beginning with a proactive open admissions policy complete with on-line forms, an information e-mail address, SPEEDE e-transcript service, and both on-campus and off-campus placement testing.

On-campus students have the benefit of walk-in service, and off-campus students have the benefit of same-day response and ready access forms on the web site. All students can access varsity team sports highlights, keep up with the latest student activity calendar, and review “Campus E-News” at the College web page.  The Mass Communications department televises “WTC 22 Week in Review” over channel 22 of the local cable system.  In addition, all students have access to Campus Connect, a program that enables students to view their grades, class schedule, unofficial transcript, billing information, and financial aid information.

WTC student organizations are listed in the Western Texas College Catalog, and students are encouraged to participate in club activities and to run for club and state offices.  Leadership seminars are arranged for officers as well as students in the Resident Advisor program.  As is described in Comprehensive Standard 3.4.9, all of the Student Services departments work closely with academic support services.

The College provides a safe living and learning environment for students.  Section 11 of Administrative Policy 2198 charges the Safety Committee with evaluating “on a continuing basis the campus including classrooms, labs, vocational shops, maintenance shops, grounds, etc., in regard to the safety and security of all persons on campus.”   To further ensure safety and security on campus, the college provides a police department staffed by two full-time and two part-time trained and certified officers.

The aim of the Student Services Division is to bring the student into the post-secondary learning environment with as little transition anxiety as possible and to continue to provide support until graduation. Students can access relevant information in the Western Texas College Catalog, the Student Handbook,and on the college web site. Primary directions for locating information and offices are listed in the Student Handbook, are repeated with the “About WTC” link on the web site, and are explained in detail in the General Regulations and Information section of the catalog.

Evidence of Support:

Administrative Committee Membership List
Administrative Policy 2198, Section 11
College Catalog
Campus Connect
Mission Statement
Student Handbook
WTC Web Site

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