Texas Community Colleges
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Helpful Links

Comfit is available to our Upward Bound participants 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Students can login to their individual Comfit account and receive online tutoring in nearly every high school subject area.  Upward Bound students will need login information provided by their academic coordinator.

A useful website in preparing students for what to expect in college, as well as steer them into possible career paths they are interested in.  Career Cruising also allows students to search for colleges that fit their individual needs.  Upward Bound students will need login information provided by their academic coordinator.

Students may apply to any college in Texas through this website, and are provided all the necessary information they will need to apply to each college/university.

Fastweb is the largest and most complete source of scholarships available. Use this site to navigate through thousands of scholarships available.  By registering, students will be notified through e-mail about various scholarships targeted towards their fields of study.

College.gov describes the entire process for going to college in a very user-friendly format. 

USCollegeSearch.org which is a free resource covering all the colleges and program offerings in the US.  We have occupational guides, financial aid resources and FAQ’s on all the different programs. 

Technical-Schools-Guide.com which is a free resource covering all the technical schools and programs in the US.  We have career guides and resources to  help people discover career paths that match their skill sets and life goals. 

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Firescience Online Public Service Careers - The field of public service encompasses professionals in organizations that prevent and fight crime, prepare for emergencies, and respond to accidents and natural and human-caused disasters. In addition to promoting and ensuring the overall well being of the general public, public service careers are also known for step-by-step advancement and promotion opportunities, employment stability, and strong employee benefits.