Texas Community Colleges
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WTC Technology provides technical support for Western Texas College. Working closely with many divisions and departments on and off campus, Technology provides support to students, faculty, staff, and administration.
For service, email: support@wtc.edu
Note: Service is not provided 24/7.
WTC Technology manages the information systems that support the core business processes of the college. These systems include student information, financial aid, human resources, facilities, instruction, library/reference, and many other systems.
All users of the WTC network must follow the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

It is the policy of the TTS Department of WTC that we cannot provide any services for any computers, laptops, handhelds or networking devices that are not owned and operated by WTC. (i.e. personal/student laptops mobile devices, etc.)

Information & Support:
Offices for WTC Technology are located in the Learning Resource Center (Building 2).
Roy Bartels
Dean of Technology
Ext. 7629
Jeri Speegle
Technology Secretary
Ext. 7909
Glenn Burns
Datroo Technician
Ext. 7668
Donna Morris
POISE Computer Programmer 
Ext. 7931 
Cindy Hanes
Website Coordinator
Ext. 7631