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Distance Learning
Dual Credit Enrollment
ITV (Instructional Television) Roscoe Collegiate High School (VCT) Virtual College of Texas

Join the thousands of students who have discovered the convenience and flexibility of distance learning.



What is distance learning?

Any course taught where the instructor and the student are not in the same location is considered a distance learning course. Thousands of students have discovered the convenience and flexibility of taking courses via distance learning.

The benefits to a distance learning course are many. For most courses the student accesses the course materials and does the coursework at a time convenient for them. However distance learning is not right for everyone. There is no instructor standing there to help, and no one to remind you of due dates.

Is distance learning right for me?

To find out whether you are a good fit for an online course, take the SmarterMeasure assessment. Learn where your strengths are, and which areas may present challenges to your online success. The assessment is free and takes just a few minutes. Results are sent directly to your e-mail.

To take the SmarterMeasure assessment, use a login of westerntexas and a password of student.

What courses can I take online?
Western Texas College offers a wide variety of courses online. Check the course schedule for a listing of academic and vocational courses and see the course catalog for more information.

If your interest is in a short continuing education course (non college credit) instead of a full-semester college credit course, check out the 300+ courses available through ed2go. All ed2go courses are completely online.

What if I don't see the course I need?
Additional online courses are offered through the Virtual College of Texas, a consortium of community colleges throughout the state. You can search the VCT site for the course you need, then sign up for the course through Western Texas College.

Complete the Reservation Form to request an online VCT class. WTC students must contact Billy Mebane at 325-574-7630 or bmebane@wtc.edu for VCT course reservations.

What are the costs?
Tuition and fees information is available in the catalog.

How do I access my course?
Online courses are accessed via the Internet using a special program called Moodle. Each instructor places course materials, course calendar, course policies, and course activities in Moodle. Each student sets up an account in Moodle and has access to coursework, including grades. Access can occur from any Internet-connected computer worldwide.

How do I start?
All students selecting distance education courses must have completed admission procedures prior to registering for classes.  Contact the Distance Learning office for information and assistance. Phone 888-468-6982 or e-mail dl@wtc.edu.

Where do I get books?
Books are available at the Campus Bookstore or online.

Distance Learning in High School

Many participating area high schools offer dual-credit courses from WTC through distance learning. Most dual-credit courses are taught via two-way interactive video (ITV). Internet-based and video-based courses are also available depending on the course and school.

High school students qualifying for college admission may also be able to enroll directly at WTC.  For more information on dual enrollment and early admissions, click here or email dualcredit@wtc.edu.

How do I log in to the support sites?
Login information:

  • Moodle - if you do not have an existing Moodle account, you can set one up by visiting the site.
  • SmarterMeasure - the SmarterMeasure assessment helps individual students determine their readiness and suitability for online coursework. This assessment is available free to all WTC students. Login: westerntexas Password: student

Who could I talk to about whether a course is necessary for my degree or how it will transfer to another university?
You can contact the campus Counseling Center counseling@wtc.edu. In addition, WTC provides an Online Advisor who specializes in helping students taking courses through the Distance Learning programs. Contact Ms. Korie Allen at kallen@wtc.edu. The Online Advisor can be reached most days and also after hours, holidays, and weekends.

How do I file a grievance?
The Student Grievance Procedure is available online and students may use this Grievance Form.

Western Texas College is in compliance with State Authorization Regulation


Billy Mebane
Director of Distance Learning
6200 College Avenue
Snyder, TX 79549
Phone: 325-574-7630
Toll Free: 1-888-468-6982
Fax: 866-433-1097 
Email: bmebane@wtc.edu
Nellie Leatherwood
Distance Learning Clerk
6200 College Avenue
Snyder, TX 79549
Phone: 325-574-7632
Toll Free: 1-888-468-6982
Fax: 866-433-1097 
Email: nleatherwood@wtc.edu