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All matters pertaining to admission to Western Texas College should be addressed to the Admissions Advisor.

Formal application for admission to Western Texas College may be made by completing the necessary items which constitute the Student Personnel File. Materials required for the Student Personnel File should be in the Admissions Office one week prior to registration. Applicants whose files are incomplete at time of registration will be permitted to enroll conditionally, with the understanding that grades will not be released if admission records are not completed. To assure reasonable expectation of student success, Western Texas College will assess students’ skills, ability, and academic experience in order to place them in appropriately-designed programs. Students with inadequate academic preparation will be asked to complete pre-college, non-transfer courses before enrolling in regular college-level work. Pre-college work may be needed in either the campus GED program prior to admission or in college preparatory classes as a condition to admission.


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