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Opportunity Tuition Waiver

If you attend or are graduating from a Scurry County High School, you may be eligible to attend Western Texas College for free with WTC’s Opportunity Tuition Waiver.

The Opportunity Tuition Waiver covers tuition and certain fees (building and general use fees only) for a maximum of fifteen (15) hours per semester for Scurry County high school graduates and nine (9) hours per semester for Scurry County dual credit students. 

High School graduates must enroll as a full-time student in at least twelve (12) semester hours at Western Texas College the fall semester immediately following his/her graduation. Dual credit students may enroll for up to 9 hours.

To be eligible, a high school graduate must have graduated with at least a 2.75 GPA from a Scurry County high school.  Dual Credit students must meet all requirements for enrollment in dual credit classes.

High school graduates must complete forty hours of community service and dual credit students must complete twenty hours of community service. Community service hours must be completed through a WTC Approved Volunteer Site. Only half the required hours may be from a religious organization.

For a complete overview and requirements, click on the Opportunity Tuition Waiver Packet below.

Deadline for the Opportunity Tuition Waiver is July 12.

For more information, contact the Vice President and Dean of Student Services Ralph Ramon at 325-574-7625 or email him at rramon@wtc.edu.

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