Solar Energy Technology
The Solar Energy Technology program at Western Texas College will prepare you for a career in the fastest growing energy industry in the United States. By 2014 solar energy will be the largest source of new electric capacity in America. Offering a one-year certificate program or a two-year AAS, WTC will prepare graduates for the many employment opportunities in the solar industry.
Texas is ideally located for solar energy because the amount of sun received annually is greater than many other parts of the country. Also, space required for large solar farms is abundant. Combined with the increasing volatility and expense of fossil fuel and the need to reduce air pollution, solar energy growth in Texas will increase greatly in the coming years.
Western Texas College in Snyder, Texas is located in the heart of West Texas where solar energy is a rapidly growing source of renewable  energy technologies.
Graduates will be able to apply the engineering and technical skills required to implement solar energy. Programs of study include integrating problem solving and critical thinking skills necessary for solar industry success. The core of the program focuses on the student’s ability to complete a design from site to survey-and-assessment through construction drawings, and into permitting.

The instructor is one of the top technical trainers in the solar photovoltaic industry. He is IREC certified, has a Masters degree in Solar Energy Engineering and Commercialization, and a Bachelors degree in Alternative Energy Engineering.

The Solar Energy Technology program at WTC focuses on both photovoltaic (solar electric generation) and solar thermal (solar heat generation).

Course descriptions and tuition and fee information is available in the Catalog