Merit's Honor List - Fall 2016

01/16/17, 09:40:07 AM

Merit’s Honor List is awarded only to those students who have attained a grade point average of at least 3.5 during the semester taking more than 8 semester hours but less than 12 semester hours.

Adam Aguirre, Jr. , Fort Worth, Texas
Kacie Almanza, Snyder, Texas
Jon Basye, Sweetwater, Texas
Taylor Beeson, Snyder, Texas
Taylor Bowman, San Angelo, Texas
Lauren Brookins, Snyder, Texas
Kanyon Carper, Roscoe, Texas
Brittany Cave, Snyder, Texas
Autumn Cleveland, Roby, Texas
Elisabeth Davenport, Roby, Texas
Kelsey Digby, Hermleigh, Texas
Darian Espinoza, Colorado City, Texas
Jodi Evans, Ira, Texas
Shawna Faucett, Roby, Texas
Alexsia Faz, Del Rio, Texas
Skylar Flores, Snyder, Texas
Samuel Fouts, Rule, Texas
Ethan Gowin, Snyder, Texas
Hayley Gray, Gail, Texas
Raeann Grigsby, Roby, Texas
Felicia Guzman, Snyder, Texas
Elizabeth Hermosillo, Snyder, Texas
Savannah Herridge, Gail, Texas
Alyssa High, Colorado City, Texas
Tate Holloway, Del Rio, Texas
Tyler Johnson, Del Rio, Texas
Kayla Justiss, Abilene, Texas

Kamri Knippa, Hale Center, Texas
Krystin Lackey, Anson, Texas
Brianna Lathers, Westbrook, Texas
Selvy Lee, Colorado City, Texas
Daphni Leonard, Haskell, Texas
Guy London, Stamford, Texas
Kunz Mainali, Irving, Texas
Daniel Miller, Snyder, Texas
Alex Nguyen, Houston, Texas
Braxton Parrott, Sweetwater, Texas
Isabella Pena, Sweetwater, Texas
Cheyanna Petty, Sweetwater, Texas
Shae Rinehart, Hermleigh, Texas
Alexis Rios, Sweetwater, Texas
Reann Robinson, Roscoe, Texas
Scott Shannon, Katy, Texas
Joshua Stephens, Hermleigh, Texas
Justin Stoker, Snyder, Texas
Analisa Sulaica, Del Rio, Texas
Alejandra Tarango, Del Rio, Texas
Elle-Kaye Terry, Roby, Texas
Mikel-Ann Terry, Roby, Texas
Linda Vera, Sweetwater, Texas
Caleb Ward, Roscoe, Texas
William Warren, Del Rio, Texas
Clancy White, Colorado City, Texas
Blade Whitefield, Roby, Texas