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Board Member Lunch
Visitor Center, 11:00 am




Board Meeting, 12:00 P.M.
Monday, July 11, 2016
Palmer Hall boardroom


I.     Call to Order

    1. Mr. McWilliams will give the invocation
    2. Recognize guests

II.    Routine Matters

    1. Recommended Action
      1. Approval of Board minutes June 13, 2016
      2. Approval of financial information June 2016
      3. Personnel
        1. Consideration of approval to fill head men/women golf coach position (Tammy Davis)
        2. Consideration of approval to fill instructor of wind energy position (Stephanie Ducheneaux)

    2. New Business
      1. Consideration of approval of summer small class report (Stephanie Ducheneaux)
      2. Consideration of approval to award proposal for maintenance contract (Patricia Claxton)

III.    Information and Discussion

    1. Preliminary 2016-2017 budget (Patricia Claxton)
    2. Infrastructure update (Mike Thornton)
    3. Summer enrollment report (Stephanie Ducheneaux)
    4. August board meeting (Patricia Claxton)
    5. July calendar
    6. Information and questions from board members
    7. Suggested agenda items
    8. President's report


EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Board will adjourn at this time and go into executive session. The executive session will be held under the provisions of Texas Government Code, Chapter 551, including but not limited to, Section 551.071, Section 551.072, Section 551.074, Section 551.076, Section 551.082(a), and Section 551.083.

    1. Consultation with Legal Counsel
    2. Deliberation regarding appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of personnel

At the conclusion of the executive session, the Board will reconvene and announce whether any action needs to be taken as a result of the executive session.

IV.    Date of next Board meeting - August 8, 2016


The Board of Trustees of Western Texas College met in a regular Board meeting at 12:00 p.m. on Monday, June 13, 2016 in the Palmer Hall Boardroom.

Present:           Mr. Lee Presswood, Mr. Drew Bullard, Mr. Eddie Peterson, Dr. Jay Kidd, Mr. Scott Richburg, Mr. Tim Riggan

Absent:            Mr. Mike McWilliams

Staff Present:  Dr. Barbara Beebe, Ms. Patricia Claxton, Ms. Melanie Schwertner, Mr. Britt Canada, Ms. Kat Neilson, Mr. Roy Bartels, Ms. Stephanie Ducheneaux, Mr. Ralph Ramon, Ms. Donna Cutler, Ms. Darla Wiggins, Ms. Kiera Harris

Others Present: Mr. Ben Barkley (SDN)

Mr. Lee Presswood, board president, called the meeting to order and Dr. Kidd gave the invocation.

Motion by Mr. Bullard, seconded by Mr. Riggan to name Mr. Lee Presswood, president of the Board of Trustees.  Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Mr. Riggan, seconded by Mr. Richburg to name Mr. Eddie Peterson, vice president of the Board of Trustees.  Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Mr. Richburg, seconded by Mr. Riggan to name Mr. Drew Bullard, secretary of the Board of Trustees.  Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Mr. Riggan, seconded by Mr. Bullard to approve Board minutes of May 9, 2016 and May 16, 2016. Motion carried unanimously. 

Motion by Mr. Peterson, seconded by Mr. Richburg to approve the financial information for May 2016.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Motion by Mr. Richburg, seconded by Mr. Riggan to approve promotion in rank for Mr. Floyd Holder from instructor of government/geography to assistant professor of government/geography. Motion carried unanimously.

Information and Discussion

Dr. Beebe presented the infrastructure update.

Dining Hall/Student Center

  • Framing and sheathing is complete on the dining addition
  • Roofing will start the 13th
  • New fire sprinkler piping is installed in the existing dining room
  • Ready to paint walls and install ceiling following paint


  • Demolition is complete
  • Plumbing and electrical rough in is in progress
  • CMU (concrete masonry unit) wall work to start on the 20th
  • New windows are installed
  • Framing and gypsum board is ongoing


  • Plan is in place to have the chillers and AC up and running by the 16th
  • Transformer “C” is on permanent power.  Will keep switching over power every Friday until complete.  

Grounds Maintenance

  • 95% complete with the exception of the ramps for the new equipment
  • Insulation is installed

Domestic Water

  • Complete


  • Continuing sidewalks from the LRC to the west end of new work
  • Continuing back fill in front of Student Center
  • Preparing to pour section of steps east of LRC


  • All air handlers are installed and are ready for startup.
  • Test and balance has started on AHU’s is ongoing.

Fine Arts

  • Rough in for new theater lighting is in progress
  • Installation of new lighting to begin on June 21st
  • New seats are ready to order pending PSC approval of layout
  • Remaining hallway work is complete with the exception of the ceiling tile

Parkhill, Smith and Cooper (PSC)

Project Budget Summary

  • The remaining Project Allowance Balance is approximately $557,000
  • The numbers represented are compiled from varying sources and some of the outstanding items are our opinion of cost (not fully defined in bid)

Outstanding items that may impact priorities:

  • The electrical contractor on site discovered grounding issues with the existing electrical system on campus.  The project team is holding on action until the detailed financial analysis noted above is completed.
  • The Project Budget Summary Worksheet indicated an allowance of $125,000 for cardio equipment.  The allowance needs to be reconciled with the final purchase.
  • The design team is working with the college representative to define the quantity and size of video monitors to be purchased.  The $25,000 allowance needs to be reconciled with the final purchase.
  • The design team is working with the college representative to define the quantity and locations for security cameras to be purchased.  The $30,000 allowance needs to be reconciled with the final purchase.
  • Unknown conditions yet to be encountered.

The current projects completion status is as follows:

Bid Package 1 – Utility Upgrades: 85.55% Complete

Bid Package 2 – Building Renovations and Expansion: 44.6% Complete

Bid Package 3 – Fine Arts Theatrical Upgrades: 7.62% Complete

Pictures were given to the board. 

Ms. Darla Wiggins discussed activities at The Coliseum. From January 2015 – December 2015 The Coliseum hosted 83 events. Over 24,908 individuals attended the events which doesn’t include the basketball games, college day, haunted house, Good Fellows Good Drive, Snyder FFA and a number of other events that attendance was not counted.  From January 2016 – December 2016 over 79 events are booked with more to come.  In 2014-2015, event bookings totaled $119,665; RV Rental $11,280; Hotel Lodging Tax $128,356; and miscellaneous $558 for a total revenue of $259,858.  Expenses totaled $229,940 for net revenue of $29,918. In 2015-2016, event bookings totaled $82,066; RV rentals $5,740; hotel lodging tax $81,938 for a total of $169,744 in revenue.  Expenses are $184,270 for a net loss of $14,526.  We should break even this year with additional bookings.  Since we received the property in 2007, we have been $515,000 in the positive.  These funds stay in the auxiliary account for The Coliseum.  Darla is looking for something musically to replace the Bikefest.  The hardest event they put on is the livestock events due to the labor and set up.  The easiest events are private parties such as quinceaneras.  The Coliseum hosts 10 quinceaneras on average a year.  Darla suggested another dirt event.  We haven’t had the ranch rodeo for 2 years.  Mr. Riggan suggested an AJRA or high school rodeo (region 2 high school rodeo).  We only have 30 stalls for outside so panels are a problem.  Monster trucks bring in a good crowd.  Mr. Riggan will get Darla contact information for the AJRA.  What have you seen since you started until now?  Darla stated she knows more than when she started and activities have increased.  Do you have trouble keeping help?  The maintenance is through Sodexo and they have a lot of turnover.  We also use TDCJ for help.  Mr. Riggan stated Darla is doing a good job and we appreciate her.  It is a spotlight of our campus to have The Coliseum. 

Ms. Donna Cutler discussed College on the Square and the Opportunity Center.  This is a snapshot of what we are doing.  We try to incorporate anything we hear about from the community.

  • Workforce Development Courses:
    • Skills for Small Business Grant - $20,000.  This is for privately owned businesses with less than 100 employees.  We have 14 companies participating in a Skills or Small Business Grant.  Approved training courses are courses that are already set up at the college and not customized training.  Courses provided include:
      • ServSafe/Food Handler
      • Floral Design
      • Computer Courses:  Excel, QuickBooks, and Photoshop
      • Marketing
      • First Aid/CPR
      • Credit classes at WTC – Accounting
      • Safety Courses
    • JET Grant (Jobs and Education for Texas) - $187,000.
      • Fire Extinguisher Simulators were purchased through a JET grant.
      • Equipment purchased includes Fire Extinguisher Simulators and a 32’ trailer.
      • We have conducted Fire Simulator training for the following:Safety Plus incorporates fire extinguisher training with their safety courses.
        • Snyder’s Volunteer Fire Department
        • MHI (wind turbine company)
        • CML (local company)
      • To date, over 1,500 people have been trained using the Fire Extinguisher Simulator.
    • Childcare Grant - $31,000: This grant is through Region 14 Service Center.  The purpose is to offer relevant child development workshops for childcare facilities in our service area.  We have monthly classes on the third Saturday of each month.  We also have an annual childcare conference in July. 
    • Youth Career Connect Grant - $38,000: We provide two classes for juniors and seniors at Colorado High.  This past year, we provided an electrical class at the high school and a horticulture class at the Wallace Unit.  Next year, we will provide an electrical class and a solar class at the high school.  Three to five students in the electrical class are considering taking our lineman course. 
    • NCCER – (National Center for Construction Education and Research): We have submitted paperwork to become an NCCER Accredited Training and Education Facility, as well as an OSHA Outreach Training Center through a partnership with CTS. 
      • NCCER is a nationally recognized organization celebrating its 20th year.  They are a not for profit foundation created to address the critical workforce shortage facing the construction industry and to develop industry driven standardized craft training programs with portable credentials.  Some of the NCCER curricula we will be offering include:
        • Heavy Equipment Operations
        • Corrosion Prevention and Maintenance Tech
        • Pipe layer
        • Scaffolding
        • Site Layout
        • Abnormal Operating Conditions
        • Field Safety
        • Safety Technology
        • Pipeline Maintenance Technician
        • Painting
        • Aerial Lifts
        • Forklift
    • IndentoGo by Morpho Trust: Fingerprinting – Every Thursday a representative from IndentoGo comes to College on the Square to offer fingerprinting services.  Each week there are between 15 – 20 people who get their fingerprinting done at COS.
  • Corrections
    • Opportunity Center holds classes for correctional officers each week Monday through Thursday.  Classes are held August through May for the Daniel, Wallace, Ware and Smith Units. August 2015 – May 2016, six hundred and eighty correctional officers went through the program and generated 27,134 contact hours or $54,268.
    • Our Office in Abilene holds classes for correctional officers each week Monday through Thursday and classes are held year round.  The office in Abilene serves the Robertson, Middleton, Havins, Walker Sayles Units.  August 2016 through May 2016, nine hundred twenty five correctional officers went through the program and generated 45,616 contact hours or $91,332. Last December, our Abilene office provided pre-service training.  Forty-three students participated in the program and generated 10,320 contact hours or $20,640.
  • Continuing Education Classes offered at College on the Square: Four hundred and fifty students took these classes from August 2015 to the present.
    • Art – Acrylic, water color, abstract, and mixed media classes are offered each month on Tuesday nights
    • Drawing – offered when requested
    • First Thursday Paint Night – offered once a month on the first Thursday of the month.  We were partnered with the Big Apple Deli, but the classes will now be offered at COS.
    • Floral Design – offered each month on Monday nights.
    • Craft Class – this class meets one or two times a month based on the schedule.  Projects vary.
    • Country Western Dancing – this class is usually offered three times per year.
    • Basic Motorcycle Safety – this course is offered three times per year.
    • Drivers Education – this course is offered four times per year.
    • Photo Shop – this class is offered three to four times a year based on student requests.
    • Pottery – this class is usually offered once a year in June
    • Computer Class – this course is offered as requested.
    • Children’s Classes
      • Mommy and Me Art Classes are offered in July and December.
      • Teen Paint Night is offered in June and July.  Eleven teens are signed up for the June class. 
      • Children’s Summer Art Classes are offered on Tuesday mornings in June.  Forty-four children are signed up for these classes.
      • Dance Classes are offered in June and twelve children are signed up for this class. 
      • Kids Solar Class is offered in July
  • College on the Square Facility Rental – the facility is rented to businesses for meetings and for private events. 
  • Students/Contact Hours/Funding for Workforce and Continuing Education Classes ($2.00 average state funding rate.  We receive 34.5% of the set state rate and this rate varies based on the course which ranges from $4.50 to $5.50 per hour.  This averages out to be $2.00 per contact hour for state funded courses):
    • Safety Courses – 405 students generated 3618 contact hours for $7,236.
    • Childcare Courses – 171 students generated 1258 contact hours for $2,516.
    • ServSave Courses – 33 students generated 312 contact hours for $624.
    • Floral Design Courses – 27 students generated 234 contact hours for $468.
    • Miscellaneous Courses – 199 students generated 5,077 contact hours for $10,154.
  • Revenue – September 2016 to May 2016 ($3.25 per hour and normal class is 8 hours for $26.00 per person.)
    • Non-Credit Tuition - $35,640 – courses that we do not receive state funding for.
    • AVE (Adult Vocational Education) Fees - $3,550.
    • AVE Tuition (based on college tuition rate set by the board) - $3.25 per hour
    • Building Use Fees (cost of using our facility) - $4,049.

Mr. Bullard stated he has heard good things about College on the Square.  

Mr. Britt Canada discussed the state data comparison. The information can be found in the Texas Public Higher Education Almanac.




Western Texas College

Average Tuition & Fees



% enrollment Change 2010-15


-7.8% (-1.9% if take out TSTC)

% credit students receiving Pell


16.7% (we have a lot of prison and dual credit students)

Average time to assoc. degree (yrs)



Average SCH to assoc. degree



Graduation rates 3 yrs

FT 15.9%

PT 7.7%

FT 33.8%

PT 24.1%



Western Texas College

Dual credit as % of total enroll fall 2015



% earned assoc. in 4 yrs or fewer



% total academic employed and/or enrolled



% total technical employed and/or enrolled


100.0% (we account where every grad ends up)

% employed



% employed and enrolled


2.8%  (population we serve)

Average student debt



% students with debt



Math (TSI obligation met % of total)



Completed college courses % of total



% SCH taught by FT faculty



Student-faculty ratio




A June calendar was presented to the Board.

There was no information or questions from Board members.   

There were no suggested agenda items from Board members.

Dr. Beebe presented the following president’s report:

  • Attended the Lawmakers Luncheon hosted by Texas Midwest Community Network (TMCN) in Coleman on May 19th.  The event was by invitation only and approximately 150 people were in attendance.  Former State Rep Bob Turner (District 73) moderated questions put to Senator Charles Perry, Representatives Dusty Burrows, Drew Darby, Drew Springer, and Susan King.  As always when I get a lawmakers ear, I spoke about our financial concerns.  If we increase our taxes to 33 cents, we will need to find $1.3 million in our coming year’s budget.  Our cap is 35 cents.  To break even, we would have to increase our taxes to 39 cents.  We are looking at everything, but will try and keep all employees.
  • On May 24th, WTC entered into an agreement with the new Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott for special rates. Direct bill and general WTC referrals $94/night, Coliseum events and athletic event referrals $89/night.  They offer an outdoor swimming pool, hot breakfast, and a coin laundry for their guests.  They will also be hosting our July Kitchen Cabinet meeting.
  • Participated in a couple of webinars touching on some recent developments of interests to WTC.  On May 18th TASB hosted “Firearms on Community College Campuses.”  It was a bit disappointing as they essentially said to stay tuned for further information.  I believe with our forums to date we have already done more than most of the other community colleges in Texas.  On May 25th, the CUPA-HR (College and University Professional Association for Human Resources) hosted the “Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Overtime Final Rule: What You Need to Know and Do Now.”  The new rules go into effect this December and many colleges and businesses are concerned with the new rulings.  We are reviewing our job descriptions in light of the new law but believe it will have little to no effect on WTC.
  • On Saturday, June 4th I welcomed our adjuncts to our Adjunct In-Service held on campus in the Visitor Center.  Our adjuncts are incredibly dedicated and I’m always amazed at how many faculty are willing to give up a free Saturday to participate.  With their diverse schedules, a weekday meeting is just not feasible.  Dean Stephanie Ducheneaux revised the In-Service this year, and everyone mentioned how it was most relevant and thoroughly worth their time.
  • Donna Cutler from College on the Square and I attended the 2nd Annual Mayor’s Community Prayer Breakfast this morning at Martha Ann’s.  A group of about 30 people were in attendance to hear encouraging words related to schools, city, county, state, churches, business, and citizens.

Mr. Riggan complimented employees for their dedication for working in the heat.

The scheduled executive session was cancelled. 

Date of next regular board meeting – July 11, 2016

June 2016 Financials
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June 2016 Check Register 
New Business

Summer small class report


Ms. Patricia Claxton will present the proposal for the maintenance contract.

Information & Discussion

Preliminary 2016-2017 Budget


Mr. Mike Thornton will present the infrastructure update.


Summer enrollment report


Academic Calendar

Athletic Calendar