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Board Member Luncheon
Pruitt Community Room 11:30 am




Board Meeting, 12:30 P.M.
Monday, January 9, 2017
Palmer Hall boardroom


I.     Call to Order

    1. Mr. McWilliams wil give the invocation
    2. Recognize guests
    3. Introduction of Housing Department

II.    Routine Matters

    1. Recommended Action

      1. Approval of Board miutes December 12, 2016
      2. Approval of financial information December 2016

    2. New Business

      1. Consideration of approval of revisions to TASB Policy DJ (Local) Assignments, Work Load, and Schedules (Ms. Stephanie Ducheneaux)

III.   Information and Discussion

    1. Infrastructure update (Mr. Mike Thornton)
    2. Pre-bid for a replacement chiller at The Coliseum (Ms. Patricia Claxton)
    3. Personnel update (Dr. Beebe)
    4. January calendar
    5. Information and questions from Board members
    6. Suggested agenda items
    7. President's report


EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Board will adjourn at this time and go into executive session. The executive session will be held under the provisions of Texas Government Code, Chapter 551, including but not limited to, Section 551.071, Section 551.072, Section 551.074, Section 551.076, Section 551.082(a), and Section 551.083.

    1. Consultation with Legal Counsel
    2. Deliberation regarding appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of personnel - President's Evaluation

At the conclusion of the executive session, the Board will reconvene and announce whether any action needs to be taken as a result of the executive session.

IV.   Date of next regular Board meeting - February 13, 2017


The Board of Trustees of Western Texas College met in a regular Board meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, December 12, 2016 in the Palmer Hall Boardroom.

Present:           Mr. Lee Presswood, Mr. Drew Bullard, Mr. Eddie Peterson, Dr. Jay Kidd, , Mr. Mike McWilliams

Absent:            Mr. Scott Richburg, Mr. Tim Riggan

Staff Present:  Dr. Barbara Beebe, Mr. Mike Thornton, Ms. Patricia Claxton, Ms. Melanie Schwertner, Ms. Stephanie Ducheneaux, Ms. Tammy Davis, Mr. Britt Canada, Mr. Geron Scates, Ms. Marjann Morrow, Mr. Ralph Ramon

Others Present: Mr. Ben Barkley (SDN), Mr. Todd Hrbacek (May & Hrbacek), Mr. Jimmy Chandler (Midwest Solar)

Mr. Lee Presswood, board president, called the meeting to order and Dr. Jay Kidd gave the invocation.

Motion by Mr. Peterson, seconded by Dr. Kidd to approve Board minutes of November 14, 2016. Motion carried unanimously. 

Motion by Dr. Kidd, seconded by Mr. Bullard to approve the financial information for November 2016.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Motion by Mr. Bullard, seconded by Dr. Kidd to approve the annual audit. Mr. Todd Hrbacek presented the audit.

Motion by Mr. Bullard, seconded by Mr. Peterson to approve the Consent and Agreement for Fluvanna Wind Energy, LLC.  Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Dr. Kidd, seconded by Mr. Bullard to approve the tax abatement for Midwest Solar, LLC.  Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Mr. Peterson, seconded by Dr. Kidd to approve revisions to TASB policies BFA (Local) Chief Executive Officer Duties and Responsibilities; GFA (Local) Conduct on College District Premises; DH (Local) Employee Standard of Conduct; DCA (Local) Term Contracts; FLB (Local) Student Conduct; and EGA (Local) Academic Achievement.  Motion carried unanimously.

Information and Discussion

Mr. Mike Thornton discussed the infrastructure update.

  • Dining Hall/Student Center:
    • Complete
  • HPE:
    • Complete

  • Plant:
    • Complete
  • Grounds Maintenance:
    • Complete
  • Domestic Water:
    • Complete
  • Plaza/Corridor:
    • Working on touching up concrete and caulking joints
    • Painting/patching of exterior walls is nearing completion
    • Working on cleaning up the site
    • Need to install handrails
    • Patching asphalt and concrete throughout campus
  • Air Handling Units (AHU’s):
    • Complete
  • Fine Arts:
    • Compete with the exception of the art hangers and new handrail

Pictures of the progress were given to the board. 

A December calendar was presented to the Board.

There was no information or questions from Board members. 

There were no suggested agenda items.

Dr. Beebe presented the following president’s report:

  • Patricia Claxton and I attended the Scurry County Appraisal District’s November 15th Board meeting.  Stephen Campbell was present to hear concerns and answer questions regarding Ty Pickett’s $84 million error.  No further information regarding the filed claim was available.
  • Met with Teinert and PSC representatives on November 16th to discuss remaining projects, tentative completion dates, and upcoming punch lists.
  • On November 28th we received a notice from TASB in response to the November 22nd U.S. District Court Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction enjoining the DOL from implementing and enforcing the change to the salary threshold as planned on December 1st.  The Department of Labor response states that the DOL is considering all of its legal options.  TASB offered the following recommendations as college districts weigh their response to the temporary ruling:
    • If the college district has increased salaries in response to the FLSA rule change, maintain the new salary.  In the case of contract employees, a salary decrease could violate the employees’ contractual provisions.
    • If the college district has planned, but not implemented salary increases, the college district may choose to wait and see if the rules will be implemented.  However, if the college district has informed specific employees that they will receive a pay increase, failure to provide that increase may have negative ramifications.
  • Since we had already implemented our payroll adjustments, we will continue as is.
  • Along with Britt Canada and Stephanie Ducheneaux, attended the informative SACS Annual Meeting in Atlanta December 3rd through December 6th.
  • Merry Christmas to you and yours! May y’all have a bright, beautiful, and blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

The scheduled executive session was cancelled. 

Motion by Mr. Bullard, seconded by Mr. McWilliams to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

Date of next regular board meeting – January 9, 2017


December 2016 Financials 
Check Register
December 2016 Check Register 
New Business
TASB Policy DJ (Local) Assignments, Work Load, and Schedules 
Information & Discussion

Mr. Mike Thornton will present the infrastructure update.


Ms. Claxton will discuss pre-bid for a replacement chiller at The Coliseum. 


Dr. Beebe will present the personnel update.



Academic Calendar

Athletic Calendar