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Board Member Lunch
Pruitt Community Room, 11:30 am



Board Meeting, 12:15 P.M.
Monday, January 11, 2016
Palmer Hall boardroom


I.     Call to Order

    1. Mr. McWilliams will give the invocation
    2. Recoginze guests

II.    Routine Matters

    1. Recommended Action

      1. Approval of Board minutes December 14, 2015
      2. Approval of financial information December 2015
      3. Personnel
        1. Consideration of approval to fill Head Volleyball Coach position

III.   Information and Discussion

    1. January calendar
    2. Information and questions from board members
    3. Suggested agenda items


EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Board will now go into executive session. The executive session will be held under the provisions of Texas Government Code, Chapter 551, including but not limited to, Section 551.071, Section 551.072, Section 551.074, Section 551.076, Section 551.082, and Section 551.083.

    1. Grievance Hearing of Student Pursuant to FMA (Local)

At the conclusion of the executive session, the Board will reconvene and announce whether any action needs to be taken as a result of the executive session.

  1. Date of next Board meeting - February 8, 2016

The Board of Trustees of Western Texas College met in a regular Board meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, December 14, 2015 in the Palmer Hall Boardroom.

Present:           Mr. Lee Presswood, Mr. Drew Bullard, Mr. Eddie Peterson, Dr. Jay Kidd,

Absent:            Mr. Tim Riggan, Mr. Scott Richburg, Mr. Mike McWilliams

Staff Present:  Dr. Barbara Beebe, Mr. Mike Thornton, Ms. Patricia Claxton, Ms. Melanie Schwertner, Mr. Britt Canada, Ms. Tammy Davis, Mr. Ralph Ramon, Mr. Roy Bartels, Ms. Stephanie Ducheneaux, Ms. Marjann Morrow

Others Present: Mr. Ben Barkley (SDN), Mr. Glen Brockenbush (SDN), Mr. Todd Harbacek (May & Hrbacek, LLP)

Mr. Lee Presswood, board president, called the meeting to order and Mr. Bullard gave the invocation.

Motion by Mr. Peterson, seconded by Dr. Kidd to approve Board minutes of November 9, 2015. Motion carried unanimously. 

Motion by Dr. Kidd seconded by Mr. Bullard to approve the financial information for November 2015.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Motion by Mr. Peterson, seconded by Dr. Kidd to approve the annual audit. Mr. Todd Hrbacek presented the audit.

Motion by Dr. Kidd, seconded by Mr. Bullard to approve the multidisciplinary studies associate degree program.  Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Dr. Kidd, seconded by Mr. Peterson to approve the Resolution – Election of Scurry County Appraisal District Board of Directors 2016-2017 and distribute equal votes between David Beaver, Jerry Boyd, Keith Clements, Fred Cross, and Joe Taylor.  Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Mr. Bullard, seconded by Dr. Kidd to approve the review of the Guidelines and Criteria for Granting Tax Abatements in Reinvestment Zones.  Motion carried unanimously.

Information and Discussion

Mr. Mike Thornton presented the infrastructure update.

  • Continuing to demo, over excavate, backfill and run underground utilities in the areas east of the library and south of the Student Center.
  • Concrete pours continue.
  • AHU replacements are ongoing and the campus has switched from AC to heat.
  • Three of the five new electrical transformers are set and in place.
  • Dining room addition demolition is complete and the dirt pad is built.  Ready to drill piers and pour concrete as weather permits.
  • Asbestos Abatement of the fine arts corridors is complete and renovations in those areas are underway, including restrooms.
  • Domestic water loop is complete and lacks the five new fire hydrants replacement to be 100%.
  • Fine Arts theatre lighting specifications are complete and released for bids.

A packet of renovation progress pictures were given to the Board.

A December calendar was presented to the Board.

There was no information or questions from Board members:

There were no suggested agenda items from Board members.

Dr. Beebe presented the following president’s report:

  • Our annual Veterans Day Ceremony was held on Wednesday, November 11th.  This year we worked with our instructors and the cafeteria so that all students who wanted to attend could do so without missing class time. Mr. John Rogotzke again arranged for us to have a flyover by the High Sky Wing commemorative Air Force out of Midland, and Mr. Ryan Grinnell, a US Air Force veteran, was our featured speaker.
  • Texas Tech National Wind Institute hosted the West Texas Mesonet ribbon cutting on November 12th at our WTC Research Park.  WTC has worked together with Texas Tech’s West Texas Mesonet for five years, but this, the second West Texas Mesonet in Snyder, is the first project built together and the 94th station built in the West Texas Mesonet network.  Marina Gonzales, our enthusiastic Wind Energy Curriculum Specialist, wzas instrumental in getting the current Mesonet built at WTC.
  • Along with other local taxing entities, I gave a short presentation at the Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, November 17th at the Worsham Auditorium about the impact WTC has on our community.  I also provided a brief update on our construction projects.  It was estimated that 80 people were in attendance at the 6:00pm meeting.
  • On Thursday, November 19th, WTC presented a $4,167 check to Mr. Mark McClain, United Way 2015/2015 Campaign Chairperson. $1,765 were proceeds from our Fall Fest, and $2,402 came from employee contributions.
  • On November 20th, I attended a Meet & Greet for DeRenda Warren at the Manhattan.  Ms. Warren is running for Randy Neugebauer’s District 19 seat.
  • Kudos to our GWD Director Terry Juarez for providing a number of lunches for students who were on campus over our Thanksgiving break.  Kudos also to our coaches and other staff who provided transportation and other services for our students during that time as well.
  • On December 1st Administrative Staff held a retreat to update 3 student centered policies, FLB, Student Conduct, FM, Discipline and Penalties, and FMA, Discipline Procedure.  The Board will be asked to vote on the updates at our January Board meeting.
  • December 6th through 8th, Ms. Stephanie Ducheneaux, Mr. Britt Canada, Ms. Patricia Claxton, and I were in Houston for our Annual SACS Conference.  Since WTC is scheduled for reaffirmation in 2018, we attended numerous informative sessions specifically geared for accreditation reaffirmation.
  • To help ensure that our students travel home safely for the holidays, on December 10th and 11th, Terry Juarez, together with security, coaches, and staff members, performed oil and tire pressure checks on student vehicles before the students left campus for Christmas break.  He also gave the students a goodie bag with snacks.  Kudos again to Terry for always thinking about our students and for his thoughtful and well received suggestion!
  • If you haven’t yet submitted your annual Board Training Certificate for reimbursement, please do so at your earliest convenience.
  • May Everyone Have a Safe, Blessed, and Beautiful Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

EXECUTIVE SESSION:  The board went into executive session in accordance with section 551.074 of the Texas Government Code.   Purpose:  Personnel.  At the conclusion of the executive session, the board reconvened.   No action was taken.

Date of next regular board meeting – January 11, 2016

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