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Board Member Dinner
Visitor Center, 6:00 p.m.



Board Meeting, 7:00 P.M.
Monday, December 14, 2015
Palmer Hall boardroom


I.     Call to Order

    1. Mr. Bullard will give the invocation
    2. Recognize guests

II.    Routine Matters

    1. Recommended Action
      1. Approval of Board minutes November 9, 2015
      2. Approval of financial information November 2015
    2. New Business
      1. Consideration of approval of annual audit (Patricia Claxton and Todd Hrbacek)
      2. Consideration of approval of fall small class report (Britt Canada)
      3. Consideration of approval of multidisciplinary studies (Stephanie Ducheneaux)
      4. Consideration of approval of Resolution - Electioin of Scurry County Appraisal District Board of Directors 2016-2017 (Patricia Claxton)
      5. Consideration of approval of review of Guidelines and Criteria for Granting Tax Abatements in Reinvestment Zones (Patricia Claxton)

III.   Information and Discussion

    1. Infrastructure update (Mike Thornton)
    2. December calendar
    3. Information and questions from Board members
    4. Suggested agenda items
    5. President's report 

EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Board will adjourn at this time and go into executive session. The executive session will be held under the provisions of Texas Government Code, Chapter 551, including but not limited to, Section 551.071, Section 551.072, Section 551.074, Section 551.076, Section 551.082(a), and Section 551.083.

    1. Consultation with Legal Council
    2. Deliberation regarding appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of personnel

At the conclusion of the executive session, the Board will reconvene and announce whether any action needs to be taken as a result of the executive session.

IV.   Date of next Board meeting - January 11, 2016


The Board of Trustees of Western Texas College met in a regular Board meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, November 9, 2015 in the Palmer Hall Boardroom.

Present:           Mr. Lee Presswood, Mr. Drew Bullard, Mr. Eddie Peterson, Dr. Jay Kidd, Mr. Scott Richburg and Mr. Mike McWilliams

Absent:            Mr. Tim Riggan

Staff Present:  Dr. Barbara Beebe, Mr. Mike Thornton, Ms. Patricia Claxton, Ms. Melanie Schwertner, Mr. Britt Canada, Ms. Tammy Davis, Mr. Ralph Ramon, Ms. Kat Neilson, Dr. Berry Jordan, Dr. Alisa Carter, Mr. Geron Scates

Others Present: Mr. Ben Barkley (SDN), Mr. Glen Brockenbush (SDN)

Mr. Lee Presswood, board president, called the meeting to order and Mr. Richburg gave the invocation.

The softball team was introduced:  Alyssa Adames, Victoria, TX; Kaili Agabin, Waialua, HI; Brooke Berding, Round Rock, TX; Lindsay Blattman, Abbotsford, BC, Canada;Tobi Bonifacio, Kihei, HI; Kawena Cabrera, Wailuku, HI; Tristan Castillo, Odessa, TX; Elliana Doubleday, Copperas Cove, TX; Rachel Gawdun, Tempe, AZ; Naudia Gonzalez, Snyder, TX; Priscilla Guzman, Snyder, TX; Shandell Palencia, Kapolei, HI; Jaden Shoults, Midland, TX; Kelly Speer, Miami, FL; Taliilagi Viliamu, Waianae, HI; Claudia Berumen, assistant coach; and Rome McNary, head coach.

The men and women’s rodeo teams were introduced:  Colby Sue Armour, Weatherford, TX; Madisyn Harris, Roosevelt, UT; McKayla Lucas, Jordan, MN; McKenzie McAngus, Eldorado, TX; Elysa Mora, Simpsonville, SC; and Kenna Sullivan, Artesia, NM; Cody Ballard, Argalong, NSW Australia; Chase Bourque, Pelly SK Canada; Blais Freeman, Snyder, TX; Creig Gober, Christoval, TX; Ross Griffin, Tularosa, NM; Zach Hibler, Wheeler, TX; Kodie Jang, Townsville, Australia; Tom Knight, Gunnedah, Australia; Tanner Lockhart, Lewis, CA; Colton Matthews, Lakeland, FL; Evan Miller, Parma, ID; Tim Murphy, Simpsonville, SC; Jake Plate, Collinsville QLS Australia; Jacob Spencer, Blanco, NM; Twister Vinson, Abilene, TX; Joshua Walker, Dora, NM; Chett Whitman, Big Piney, WY; and Greg Rhodes, head coach. Absent: Zach Mortensen, Skidmore, TX; Chase Toland, Snyder, TX; Mat Turner, Gundagai, Australia; Shelley Collier, assistant coach.

Motion by Dr. Kidd, seconded by Mr. Bullard to approve Board minutes of October 12, 2015. Motion carried unanimously. 

Motion by Mr. Bullard seconded by McWilliams to approve the financial information for October 2015.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Motion by Mr. Richburg, seconded by Mr. McWilliams the resolution between Western Texas College and Scurry County Appraisal District to nominate Mr. Joe Taylor to be placed upon the ballot for election to the Board of Directors of the Scurry County Appraisal District. Motion carried unanimously.

Information and Discussion

Mr. Mike Thornton presented the infrastructure update.

  • First pour of concrete in the Phase 2 area – HPE to Fine Arts
  • Next concrete pour will be the south entrance doors of HPE to the new transformers area
  • Continuing demo of concrete and stairs east of the Library and Fine Arts along with backfill
  • Installation of underground utilities in Library and Fine Arts area
  • Air handling units (AHU’s) ongoing.  Eight new AHUs are installed and running.  Installation of three more unties are in progress.  There are 24 total units.
  • New dining hall door has been installed and a second set of doors on the main level is underway
  • Asbestos abatement is underway on the north side of the dining hall and a temporary partition is in place
  • Asbestos abatement for the Fine Arts corridors is set for the Thanksgiving break
  • Continuing asphalt and concrete patches are complete for areas of the new domestic water loop
  • New domestic water loop lacks only around 200 feet to be complete
  • Project 2: Preconstruction meeting with items of discussion:
    • Submittals and lead times for materials
    • Staging areas for materials, equipment, offices and parking
    • Phasing for areas of work
    • Coordination and communication
    • Scheduling

A packet of renovation progress pictures were given to the Board.

A November calendar was presented to the Board.

There was no information or questions from Board members:

There were no suggested agenda items from Board members.

Dr. Beebe presented the following president’s report:

  • Our annual Fall Fest on October 15th was a great success.  Thank you to our board members and everyone who supported the event.  The final figure hasn’t yet been tallied, but we estimate over $1,600 will be donated from the event to the United Way.  Over $2,400 has been donated directly to the United Way from WTC faculty and staff.
  • WTC hosted a TACRAO College Day (Texas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers) on Thursday, October 22nd.  Due to the construction on campus this year, it was moved to the Coliseum and vans enabled WTC students to participate.  Over 600 students from 12 area schools visited the 33 colleges and universities represented.  Thanks to our recruiters, faculty, and staff for making it a successful event. 
  • Our October 23rd In-Service/Staff Development day was very productive with numerous break-out sessions offered following an all college gathering.  Sessions included SACS accreditation, college involvement in the community, customer service, developmental courses and coordination, Career and Technical (CTE) recruiting, student athletes, and college data resources.
  • The WTC Foundation’s quarterly meeting was held Tuesday, October 27th.  Kat noted that artist Terry Gilbreth is 85-90% done with the “smooth wax” step on the Quanah Parker statue.  He is still in the process of selecting a foundry that will accept the project in his preferred format.
  • Sheila Williamson, our new Director of Human Resources, and I attended an informative all-day Employment Law Seminar presented by Underwood Law on the 29th in Lubbock.
  • On Thursday, November 5th, Mr. Ralph Ramon and I attended, along with many community members, the meet and greet for Mr. Kirkland, the new Superintendent of Snyder I.S.D.
  • Our annual Veterans Day Celebration will be held this Wednesday, November 11th, by the flagpoles in front of the Museum.  This year we have worked with our instructors and the cafeteria so that all students who wish to attend will be able to do so without missing class time, and the cafeteria will be opening at 11:30 instead of 11:00.  Weather permitting we will have a fly over as well.
  • Just a quick reminder to please submit your annual Board Training Certificate for reimbursement at your earliest convenience.
  • Save the Date! The Annual WTC Christmas Party at the President’s House will be Thursday, December 3rd from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. It’ll be here before you know it so please put it on your calendar now.  Thank you!

EXECUTIVE SESSION:  The board went into executive session in accordance with section 551.074 of the Texas Government Code.   Purpose:  Personnel and Real Property.  At the conclusion of the executive session, the board reconvened.   No action was taken.

Date of next regular board meeting – December 14, 2015

November Financials 
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November Check Register
New Business

Mr. Todd Hrbacek will present the annual audit.


Fall Small Class Report.


Ms. Stephanie Ducheneaux will discuss multidisciplinary studies.


Resolution - Election of Scurry County Appraisal District Board of Directors 2016-2017


Guidelines and Criteria for Granting Tax Abatements in Reinvestment Zones


Information & Discussion

Mr. Mike Thornton will present the infrastructure update.


Academic Calendar

Athletic Calendar