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Ways of Giving
There are a variety of ways you can give to the Foundation. You may wish to invest in the Foundation’s endowment fund, or you may prefer to give to a particular scholarship or campus program. You may even wish to establish a new scholarship in memory or honor of a loved one. If you’re a WTC faculty or staff donor, you may wish to consider payroll deduction. Whatever your preference, we are ready to assist you in making your gift in the way that works best for you
Legacy Fund
The Legacy Fund was established in late 2005 to take advantage of the endowment challenge grant option that was included in Title V grant awarded to Western Texas College by the U.S. Department of Education. Contributions to the endowment fund received during the five-year grant period are matched dollar for dollar up to $480,900 by the challenge grant. This extraordinary opportunity will provide tremendous benefits for the students, the college, and the community for years to come.
Title V is a $3.1 Million grant from the Department of Education extending 5 years.  The matching fund portion allows WTC to match any private donations dollar-for-dollar during the period of the grant. In addition, the total funds can be invested and the interest earned will be used to fund scholarships and support the vision of WTC.
Endowment fund income will be held for the duration of the grant period. With interest compounded, the endowment will see growth well beyond the contributions received. At the end of the grant period in September 2010, fifty percent of the endowment fund income will be available for scholarships and other educational purposes. The remaining fifty percent will be held for fifteen years beyond the end of the grant period.
Because of the dollar-for-dollar match, contributions to the Legacy Fund are a great way to double your gift. Also, many employers will match employee contributions as well, which would your gift increase again! If your employer matches your charitable gifts, simply complete your employer’s matching gift form and send it with your check, and we’ll take care of the rest. The impact of your gift to the endowment fund could be doubled or possibly tripled!
Walk of Honor
The WTC Walk of Honor offers a unique and visible way to honor your family members and friends, special occasions such as birthdays or 
anniversaries, your graduating class, an organization, or a cause that is important to you, while at the same time contributing to WTC’s ongoing success. The Walk of Honor is comprised of inscribed memorial granite markers and bricks that line the south campus walkway.

For a $300 contribution, a 12” x 16” granite marker can be engraved with the message you select. There is space available for up to eight lines of text and 24 characters per line.
For a $100 contribution, a 3½” x 7½” brick can be engraved with the message you select. There is space available for up to three lines and 14 characters per line.
To order a granite marker or brick, please complete the form with your desired message and mail it with your check to Western Texas College, 6200 College Avenue, Snyder, TX 79549.
Memorial & Honorary Gifts
Honor a family member, friend, or other special person with a gift to the Western Texas College Foundation. Your generosity helps qualified students pursue educational dreams at WTC. You may designate your gift to any of our scholarships, or to the Foundation endowment fund.
When making a memorial or honorary gift, please include the following information: 
  • name, address and telephone number of the principal donor 
  • name and address of surviving family member(s) or honoree(s) to whom notice of the gift should be sent 
and mail it with your check to the Western Texas College Foundation, 6200 College Avenue, Snyder, TX 79549.
We will send an acknowledgment of your gift to the honoree or family member notifying them of your thoughtful gesture. We will also send you a letter documenting your tax-deductible contribution.
Establishing a New Scholarship
A new scholarship may be endowed and named with a minimum contribution of $10,000. The contribution may be given as a single gift or in a series of gifts over a period of time. At the time the scholarship is established, the donor may determine the terms and conditions for awarding scholarships.
Because the principal of the scholarship fund is never spent, an endowed scholarship provides an ongoing source of financial assistance to WTC students. It also creates a lasting legacy for the person in whose honor or memory the scholarship is established. Gifts to the scholarship will be placed in a permanent fund and invested. Only the income will be available for scholarship awards.
Persons interested in establishing a new scholarship should contact the Development Office.
Foundation Scholarship List